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  • Deep ache in the entire ulnar (pinky) side of hand
  • Difficult to write or pencil or do fine manipulations with your hands
  • Finger becomes locked in flexed position
  • Fingers resisting straightening
  • Finger stiffness
  • Inner wrist pain near base of thumb
  • Numbness in fingers, Pain in base of thumb
  • Pain in lower half of forearm
  • Pain in thumb side of wrist and side of thumb
  • Pincher grip feels awkward
  • Prickling sensation in the palm of the hand
  • Sharp pain in the inside of fingers
  • Writer’s cramp


  • All craftwork jobs
  • Constant use of scissors
  • Excessive use of griping
  • Gripping steering wheel on long trips
  • Needlepoint
  • Over use of grasping function of the hand with tools
  • Players of musical instruments
  • Repetitive griping with fingers on the job or in sports
  • Sewing, Sleeping with the wrist bent
  • Twisting and pulling action of the hands
  • Weeding in the yard
  • Writing with pen or pencil